3 Ways That Smart Paper Will Be Able to Bring Old-School Products Into the Digital Age

This past month, I was invited to Stockholm to share a keynote presentation on the trends culminating towards a smarter world. The event, named JAUNT, was the first chapter in a series of innovation hackathons hosted by Stockholm-based innovation agency NINE. The focus of this event was smart paper, which I find to be a rising star in the IoT smart objects ecosystem since its origins are truly analogue. This event triggered me to dive deeper into the concept of smart paper and its applications...
WPP's The Wire

WPP's Newspaper, The Wire - Pokémon Go: A Wakeup Call for Brands

If you think Pokémon Go is ‘Game Over’ – think again. The augmented reality app that gained more traction than daily Twitter users within days of its launch is holding ground on mobile home screens around the world. Brands take note: audiences on the move have the power to act and brands have the power to influence and convert. Pokémon Go is a bridge between the physical and the digital that is lead by location, inspired by content and is delivered within a specific audience mindset.

OMMA Advertising Week NY: Retailers Follow Pokemon Go

Discussion: Retailers Follow Pokemon Go | After simmering in the background for many years, Pokemon Go introduced augmented reality to the masses. While the phenomenon hit a nerve well beyond traditional gamers, was it something beyond the brand and childhood memories of Pokemon that drove it? Now that the AR and VR doors are open, retailers are starting to test how VR and AR can work for them by appealing to in-store shoppers.
Luxury Daily

Experiential Marketing Should Go Beyond Selling

During a Brand Innovators panel hosted by Kinetic Worldwide on Sept. 27, marketers from Cadillac, Casper and Kellogg’s shared the ways their companies had built physical touchpoints around their products, whether a restaurant or a community space in the heart of a city. As consumers migrate online, brands have been investing heavily in digital media, but establishing real-time interactions in the real world is still a vital piece of the brand building puzzle.

Samsung Begins Marketing Smartwatch That Doesn't Need A Smartphone

The day when consumers use wearables as stand-alone devices without the need for a smartphone has finally come, thanks to a new smartwatch. Samsung just launched its Gear S2 Classic 3G smartwatch in Italy with Italian telecommunications provider TIM and in collaboration with Gemalto, the company responsible for the security in many mobile and credit card payments. The smartwatch offers similar functions to other smartwatches on the market, like tracking fitness and receiving notifications, tex
The Drum

How Voice Technology Will Change Our Lives Forever

Soon it will seem almost quaint there was a time we looked at voice assistants as virtual friends who lived in our pockets and answered our questions. After all, in a few short years, voice-enabled assistants like Alexa, Siri and Cortana have far surpassed the skillset of any real-life human assistant. And that likely means this is the point for an obligatory reference to Samantha in Her or Jarvis in Iron Man. And that’s because voice technology really does have the potential to change everyth
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