"Marley has grown into my go-to person for all facets of tackling my career journey. From exploring different trajectories to cold email outreach and CV revisions along the way, Marley has the curiosity, ambition and experience to be that dependable coach.
Her advice and sharp eye on my evolving career story has helped me to secure roles in various company sizes and locations, from corporates in NYC to a fintech startup in Berlin. For every position I have held, there are countless hours and revisions for career paths that weren't meant for me. Those eliminations are just as important as the accepted career moves.
Marley's personal experience and guidance in navigating my own path has been a crucial part of my journey to where I am today. And more importantly, it's her genuine care and attention that sets her apart - very difficult to come across a resource like herself who is both patient and engaging!"

Linda N.

Career Coaching

Welcome to my corner of the Internet, I'm happy to be meeting you. As a mentor and leader in my space, I enjoy sharing my experience and helping others find their own unique career path. It is definitely a winding road, and I hope to be a resource for you along your journey. These are some of the topics I can best provide advice and support:

  • Career transitioning: I have approached my career as an evolving experience, starting in advertising to then startups and currently management consulting. I have found the continuous thread throughout my experience to bring value to the next industry. 
  • Entrepreneur to Intrepreneur: From advertising to creating a venture-backed startup and then initiating innovation divisions within corporations, I have found satisfaction in my career path as an entrepreneur -> intrepreneur.  
  • Navigating the #WomenInTech environment: As a woman in tech I have had an amazing journey engaging with inspiring and supportive female peers and mentors, as well as male cheerleaders along the way. 
  • International work experience: Whether you are looking to leverage experience working abroad to return to the U.S. or have an interest in exploring professional opportunities outside of the U.S., I have valuable advice to share having worked in a professional context in NYC, London, & now Stockholm.
  • Personal branding: Please refer to the website you're on right now :)

I would love to hear what your individual needs are! Please feel free to reach out below to start a conversation.