The Edge of Wearables: When Will Society Take the Ultimate Leap?

New wearable technology will soon have the capacity to become skin-deep, but society might not be ready to adopt it just yet. If your socks told your feet how to run faster, would you wear them? If a camera embedded in your scarf filmed your daily interactions, would you wear it? Do you use even half the functions your smartwatch offers? “People will wear clothing and accessories that reflect their individual style, and if the embedded technology delivers a tangible benefit, they will embrace

3D Printed Clothing Moves from Novelty to Mainstream Fashion

Unique materials, technology and 3D printing could dramatically change the future of fashion. So you walk into a store and the salesperson takes a 3D scan of your body then uses it to design custom clothing that can be printed especially for you. Sounds like science fiction, but this is the future of fashion and it’s unfolding before our eyes. A new wave of textiles being developed and brought to market create a fashion realm where customization comes standard, environmental inefficiencies are

Where are Wearables on the Runway?

Spectacular New York Fashion Week catwalks left many hungry for more technology-infused wearables, but many deals in the works indicate that new stylish wearables could be poised for showtime. The year of 2015 looks to be laden with opportunity for the fusion of fashion and tech, yet the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York F/W 2015 left many wondering where wearables were on the runway.  Whereas last year wearable technologies debuted during Fashion Week New York, this year they seemed to go mi

Wearables in 2015: 5 Influencers and their Upcoming Products

Heading into 2015, we look to the inventors, creators and their products that will shape the wearable tech environment in 2015. In the next few years, consumers can expect to see great advancements in wearable technology. According to CCS Insight’s new global forecast, shipments of smart wearables are expected to grow from 9.7 million in 2013 to 135 million in 2018. In other words, the wearables business is booming. The 2014 winners of Intel’s Make it Wearable challenge created Nixie — the fi

MICA Intelligent Bracelet Stays Alert with Style

Arriving in time for the holiday shopping season, the stylish MICA (My Intelligent Communications Accessory) bracelet connects the wearer to text messages, Google and Facebook notifications, appointment reminders from TomTom and local business recommendations powered by Yelp, all via AT&T wireless data service. Wearable technology has been steadily converging with the high-fashion landscape, most recently illustrated during Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week earlier this fall. One of the inno

MUZSE: A Culture and Technology Innovation Program in NYC

Ideas burst forth as innovators and designers create together in a proverbial playground. Taking a cue from the Muses of Greek mythology – the inspiration of literature, science and the arts – Intel and Milk Studios have partnered to create MUZSE, the first culture and technology innovation program based in New York City. MUZSE is a new division born out of Milk Studios, crafted with the mission to foster conversation and innovation between designers from various disciplines, along with techno

The Unfolding Story of Fashion and Technology Hits Retail Store

At New York’s STORY, the “Style.Tech” exhibit demonstrates how strange bedfellows — the fashion and tech industries — are collaborating on things that people put on and turn on. Designing for the new world of wearable technology is an ever-expanding topic of discussion in the fashion community, stirring curiosities about the future of both fashion and technology. What happens when established retail brands collide with the maker-movement subculture? That’s already happening at STORY, a retail

Functional Fashion Debuts at New York Fashion Week

With the maker movement subculture emerging into the mainstream, fashion influencers are finding it hard to ignore the innovation coming out of the technology sector. The trend to integrate technology into fashions on the runway at New York Fashion Week (NYFW), September 4-11, 2014, has prevailed stronger than ever this Spring/Summer 2015 season. Smart bracelets were front and center this NYFW. The world was introduced to MICA (My Intelligent Communication Accessory), a smart bracelet Intel des

Fashion and Technology - Are Wearables Making Strange Bedfellows?

Urgency and creative tensions are pulling together fashion and technology companies, creating unfamiliar collaborations in the race to make smart clothes and wearable accessories. Editor’s note: Wearable technology designers, Makers and computer hardware and software creators come together to shape the future at the Intel Developer Forum 2014 in San Francisco from September 9-11. Inventors and innovators can register to receive a complimentary day pass. ‘Seamless’ is not a word often used to d