Samsung Begins Marketing Smartwatch That Doesn't Need A Smartphone

The day when consumers use wearables as stand-alone devices without the need for a smartphone has finally come, thanks to a new smartwatch. Samsung just launched its Gear S2 Classic 3G smartwatch in Italy with Italian telecommunications provider TIM and in collaboration with Gemalto, the company responsible for the security in many mobile and credit card payments. The smartwatch offers similar functions to other smartwatches on the market, like tracking fitness and receiving notifications, tex

How Voice Technology Will Change Our Lives Forever

Soon it will seem almost quaint there was a time we looked at voice assistants as virtual friends who lived in our pockets and answered our questions. After all, in a few short years, voice-enabled assistants like Alexa, Siri and Cortana have far surpassed the skillset of any real-life human assistant. And that likely means this is the point for an obligatory reference to Samantha in Her or Jarvis in Iron Man. And that’s because voice technology really does have the potential to change everyth

Under Armour Gets Personal, Enabling Wearables To Make Recommendations

Consumers want personalized insights from wearables and at least one major brand is aiming to do just that. Some of that personalized knowledge also can ultimately be used to influence a retail purchase, in real time. In a presentation at the recent MediaPost IoT Marketing Forum in New York, Under Armour’s Doug Ziewacz explained that the company’s Connected Fitness segment is utilizing data from wearables to provide action-items individually tailored to each user. The Under Armour Connected F

Marketing Moment 87: Smirnoff blurs the line between traditional & digital media with Shazam-enabled spot | Advertising

To celebrate the Ad Club of New York's 120th anniversary, The Drum is inviting readers to share their favorite marketing moments from the past 120 years. Today’s marketing moment was chosen by Marley Kaplan, head of innovation at Kinetic Worldwide. Below, find out why Smirnoff’s Shazam-enabled TV campaign is one of her favorite marketing moments. I’m excited when brands try new ways of merging traditional and new media. While not every new tech trend sticks (Google Glass, anyone?), the win is

Kinetic Worldwide Appoints Marley Kaplan and Gianmarco Prizzi as Heads of Innovation

Kinetic Worldwide announced that it has appointed two Heads of Innovation, in order to reinforce its commitment to innovation globally. Marley Kaplan will serve as Head of Innovation in the U.S., while Gianmarco Prizzi will hold the same title in the agency’s Milan, Italy office. They will both be responsible for infusing innovation into the development of strategies that contextually connect and activate audiences on-the-move in their respective markets. Kaplan has extensive experience in inno

21 People in Wearables in NYC Who You Need to Know - Page 10 of 22

Marley Kaplan is driven by bridging innovation in the tech sector with the marketing landscape. Through her consulting work with mkThinkTank and thought leadership contributions to noted tech publications, Kaplan creates context in trends and insights surfacing from the startup/early stage technology ecosystem to ignite innovation in the larger media landscape. Keep up with Marley: Twitter LinkedIn

Harbingers Of Apps To Come, Here Are Four Google Glass For Fashion Hacks We Saw At Disrupt

With an abnormally high population of Google Glass owners in one convention center and ShopStyle’s API open to participants at the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon, it should come as no surprise that a number of hacks combined the two. Between the use of Glass at fashion weeks past and present and magazines’ inclusion of the technology in photoshoots, the precedent (often kitschy but not always) is there. Glass makes every bit of sense for fashion apps, as it has the potential to make the physical