OMMA Advertising Week NY: Retailers Follow Pokemon Go

Discussion: Retailers Follow Pokemon Go | After simmering in the background for many years, Pokemon Go introduced augmented reality to the masses. While the phenomenon hit a nerve well beyond traditional gamers, was it something beyond the brand and childhood memories of Pokemon that drove it? Now that the AR and VR doors are open, retailers are starting to test how VR and AR can work for them by appealing to in-store shoppers.

Experiential Marketing Should Go Beyond Selling

During a Brand Innovators panel hosted by Kinetic Worldwide on Sept. 27, marketers from Cadillac, Casper and Kellogg’s shared the ways their companies had built physical touchpoints around their products, whether a restaurant or a community space in the heart of a city. As consumers migrate online, brands have been investing heavily in digital media, but establishing real-time interactions in the real world is still a vital piece of the brand building puzzle.

Agency Execs See Wearables Coming Together

The future of wearables will see convergence. This was a general consensuses from a panel of agency executives at the MediaPost IoT Marketing Forum this week. “Wearables can add another layer of context to data,” said Marley Kaplan, who heads innovation at Kinetic Worldwide. Chad Vavra, experience strategy and design director at Isobar, suggested that wearables will undergo a convergence and ultimately land on products that can track, monitor and sense multiple types of metrics. Vavra also sa

Marketing to Millennials: The X Factor

Courting and marketing to Millennials, or consumers born after 1982, is not only important, but crucial to your brand’s long-term success. Millennials are the fastest growing generation on the planet and they will soon be the most influential. Over the next five years, retail industry analysts predict that these young consumers will have more purchasing power than any other generation. Moderator: Marley Kaplan, Head of Innovation, Kinetic Worldwide Lindsay Kaplan, VP of Communications, Casper Matthew Siegel, Chief Digital Officer, Roc Nation Ben Turk, Director of Marketing, SoulCycle Don Steele, Head of Audience, Tumblr

The Blurred Lines Between Digital Out-of-Home & Mobile

The IAB Digital Out-of-Home Task Force is pleased to have you at our breakfast conversation sharing emerging technologies driving innovation in the DOOH marketplace. Join fellow industry leaders and strategists for an insightful discussion with an open forum Q&A. As it becomes increasingly challenging to reach today’s consumer in the fragmented media landscape, the effectiveness of Digital Out-of-Home advertising has become more significant to brand marketers. Learn how to reach your key audien

Creative Tech Week: Creativity in Real-World Advertising

A digital screen is a rich canvas. Ever decreasing pixel pitches, with plunging prices to match, enable a future where paper is replaced with immersive engagement and interactivity. This talk is all about the realm of creativity in remote engagement of these screens: how users can do stuff down here, and the affect is seen up there. This can be done with any number of mechanics, such as using your mobile device as a remote control, or by standing on a platform to create a response. Talking s